Thursday, November 3, 2011

GVF’s New “Partners in Sustainability” Video Series

This week GVF launched a new video series entitled “Partners in Sustainability.” Each installment will feature one of GVF’s Partners in their efforts to help lessen their environmental impact. Many of these partners have already been recognized as GVF Sustainability Awards recipients. These videos will offer a chance to delve deeper into our local companies green efforts and give our audience the chance to see that many things are being done right here in our own backyards to increase both sustainability and quality of life.

Our first video features McCormick Taylor, who among many other green initiatives, introduced a bike share program earlier this year. Employees are able to utilize the bikes as a way of commuting in between meetings as well as for recreation. The offices of McCormick Taylor are conveniently located close to the Schuylkill River Trail, which benefits many of the riders. You can view the video below:

Follow GVF’s twitter feed and this blog in the coming months as we focus on everything from LEED certified buildings to electric car charging stations.


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