Thursday, May 3, 2012

Behind Bars

I admit it, I belong behind bars.  It may be a shocker, but these bars mean freedom, not imprisonment.  On a typical day, wake up, have coffee, take a shower, eat breakfast, get into my car, and I am trapped, imprisoned by traffic.  I can’t relax, or enjoy myself because I am moving along at a snail’s pace, defending the small piece of ground in front of my car protecting me from the doom and damage of the vehicle in front of me.  I arrive at the office already worn down a bit from the commute knowing that I will do the reverse in just a few hours.

Today was different.  I woke up, and put on my riding gear, hopped on my bike and took a different way to work.  I arrived in the office, took a shower, ate breakfast and started my day with more energy and excitement than I have ever felt while stuck in traffic.  My bike ride is one hour door to door, compared to my drive which is forty minutes.  So, yes, it does take longer, but rather than losing time, I am gaining energy, and living a healthier life.

Riding a bike is a simple joy, and if you haven’t ridden since your childhood, take a moment and reflect what it was like.  Are you smiling yet?  If you ride regularly, you know exactly what I mean.  Bicycle commuting is so much more enjoyable than driving.  Pulling into the parking lot of my office on my bike gives me a sense of accomplishment unlike anything I have ever felt in my car.  Bicycle commuting puts a smile on my face, and an ever so slight burn in my legs.  I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that it was my sheer will power that got me to the office, and it will be my will power that will get me home.

Today marked day one of my Bike to Work Challenge.  I am pledging to ride once each week during the twenty week challenge.  I am excited to see my waistline shrink, watch my fuel expense, arrive to work happier, arrive home less stressed out, and sport a killer tan! 

Follow my adventures as a bicycle commuter.  Each day I ride, I will post a piece about my ride, and hopefully it will inspire you to join in and Bike to Work.


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